The Promise of May

This is just my favourite time of the year! We have had all that early colour of Spring to whet our appetite but now, the real show is right on the verge of performance! Leaves are unfurling and buds are swollen, ready to burst! It’s the time of year when you can miss the beauty of the garden if you but blink!

The unfurling croziers of the Ferns are simply a majestic sight to watch and they are literally rolling out and upwards on a daily basis!

Hostas are perennial plants and they pretty much completely disappear in Winter so you always have to remember where you planted them. I love to see these little pops of green poking up through the soil during April, a sure sign that the Hosta is about to rise again!

I’m very excited this year to see the Alliums burst into bloom. They have multipled in the borders since last year, a sure sign that they are happy and their pom pom purple heads are a much anticipated sight!

Good gardening wisdom always says not to move a Peony Rose or if you do move a Peony, do not expect it to flower that year. I had to move two Peony Roses in early Spring as I’d made a note last Autumn to move then but hadn’t gotten round to it then. They had outgrown the space in which they were planted a few years ago and I knew they needed more space in order to maximise their beautiful but short-lived blooms. So I moved them, crossed my fingers and toes and thankfully, their buds are starting to swell with that promise of a floriferous Peony bloom!

The blossom on the Apple trees is just starting to get going and although we’ve had no apples to speak of yet for the past few years, I enjoy the Apple trees for this blossom and trust that eventually, once they are really happy and well settled, these trees will give us the fruits of their labour.

Look at this Chosyia Ternata adorned with tiny flower buds! This Choisya despite being commonly known as the Mexican Orange Blossom, has never flowered in the garden and yet, here it is, ready for some reason to perform this year and fill our garden with delicate white flowers.

The Primula Japonica is another flower in the garden about to burst into bloom. They are thriving in a damp, shady corner of the garden and last year I allowed them to self seed so I have lots of baby Primula Japonicas to move around this year.

One tip I always give people is to hold back some Daffodils and Tulips from planting in late Autumn and pop them in the ground in late January or early February. They will of course flower later than the Autumn planted bulbs which will naturally extend the Spring flowering season in the garden. I still have Tulips about to bloom and that is a much welcome sight!

The month of May always brings the Rhododendrons to full flower and they form such a staple in the garden. They give year round evergreen colour and so add structure and then when they bloom, it’s a floriferous party all round!

I am just a little bit excited about the month of May in the garden! May heralds the beginning of Summer and the start of all the wonder and awe that our gardens bring! What are you looking forward to seeing in May in your garden?

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