Box Attack

Ideal for formal, evergreen hedges and clipped topiary in borders and pots, Buxus sempervirens, has long been a garden staple. This evergreen favourite is however, now under attack from both box blight disease and box tree caterpillars.

Six on Saturday to Mark Spring’s Arrival

It feels like ages since I've written a #SixonSaturday post but the past few months have been so busy with Scotland Grows. With today being the start of astrological spring though, how could I not celebrate that with all the loveliness bursting forth in my garden?

Six on a White Saturday

We had a heavy frost all week and I took some pictures of the frost-covered evergreens in the garden on Thursday before we woke up on Friday to the most gorgeous blanket of snow. This week in both the frost and the snow, the garden absolutely sparkled! My #SixonSaturday this week from my garden is a white one!

Shake the Tree

While a blanket of snow in the garden can look breathtaking and have benefits to the soil, large amounts of heavy, wet snow can put added weight onto tree branches and shrubs. This can lead to bending and breaking of branches and can even cause trees or shrubs to fall over or be uprooted.

November Squelches On for #sixonsaturday

So to is it looking in your garden? It has been rather soggy here in Glasgow so much so that there have been puddles on the grass which is never a good sign. Here are my picks from the garden this week, for #SixonSaturday as November squelches on!

September’s Six on Saturday

It is already feeling quite Autumnal in the garden with windy days and falling leaves but a quick look around the garden reveals that there still are welcome pops of colour everywhere! Here’s my pick from the garden this week, as slide into September, for #SixonSaturday!

A Purple Pick

This weekend we have welcome sunshine, giving drowned flowers the chance to hopefully, pull their heads up high again! Here’s my purple pick from the garden this week, in the sunshine, for #SixonSaturday!

Six on Saturday as July Streams In

Compared to the fabulousness of June, July has come in wet and soggy with almost continual rain in Glasgow this week which means everything is well watered and looking very green and lush. Here's my pick from the garden this week, in between the rain, for #SixonSaturday as July streams in!

You can find more Gardening Inspiration Quotes on The Pink Wheelbarrow’s Instagram Page!

Be Brave, Make the Cut on Lupins!

I hate having to cut off a flowering spike on a Lupin! It feels wrong, almost murderous, but I know that by cutting down a spike which is almost finished blooming, it will help the plant to produce more beautiful blooms.

Peas fresh from the Pod

Does anything say Summertime more than picking full, fresh peas straight from the pod? If you haven't yet sow any peas, it isn't too late to direct sow them straight into the ground for a harvest this year.

You can find more Gardening Inspiration Quotes on The Pink Wheelbarrow’s Instagram Page!

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