A Look Back at Blooming July

July you came in hot and dry, with baking temperatures and long, sunny days to enjoy! You went out rather cooler and wetter with some gusty winds to boot! It certainly has been an unusual month of weather: here's a look back at what was blooming in July...

The Rain Shadow

If you have pots which nestle up against your house or a garden wall or fence, they may not be getting a good soaking during rainfall. This because they are in the rain shadow of the house, wall or fence: the dry area which is sheltered from rain-bearing winds.

The Marvel of Mint

Mint is great to grow in the garden, despite the horror stories. It stays green all Summer, looks and smells great and can be used in mint sauses, mint tea and Summer cocktails like Pimms and mojitios.

Never Tyre of your Garden

With the continuing trend for recycling all manner of materials for use as planters and objects of interest in your garden, you might like this clever use of old tyres, painted white and used as planters.

Dahlia ‘Matt Armour’

On a visit to Glenveagh Castle Gardens in Co. Donegal, Ireland, I had the pleasure of seeing the Dahlia 'Matt Armour' in full bloom and in absolute abundance in the garden.

Tips for Hot Weather Watering

How are your plants surviving in this fantastically, hot weather? You may be struggling to water your plants as often or as much as you would like but do not despair as there are steps you can take to water more effectively in hot weather.

A Garden Less Ordinary

If you ever get the chance to visit the garden, Lanercost, in Busby Road, Carmunnock, do not think twice, as a wander round it will not only delight and amaze you, it will inspire you with a new found love for plants!

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