No Better Time to Grow Your Own

In these very troubling times and before we get to stage of lockdown, try to get to your local garden centre this week and pick up some seed potatoes, onion sets, a packet of peas or beans and a couple of packets of easy grow seeds like lettuce and spinach.

More than Pumpkin Pie!

You may think of a bright, orange Pumpkin as little more than the traditional decoration for Halloween but think again: it is also an incredibly nutritious food and as the flesh from inside the pumpkin as well as the seeds, leaves and flowers can all be eaten, it makes it a vegetable which will more than cover the return you put in for growing it.

What is Green Manure?

If you are new to growing your own crops, then you may have heard people talk about green manure without having a clue about what it is or what it does? Green Manure may not sound very pleasant but it is a wonderous medium for the health of your soil and subsequent crops.

A Welcome Party for Wasps

Many people find wasps a nuisance but they are really beneficial in the garden as they feed on caterpillars, grubs, weevils, ants, aphids and other insects and can effectively reduce pest populations.

Plate to Plate Herbs: Mint

Mint is great to grow in the garden, despite the horror stories. It stays green all Summer, looks and smells great and can be used in mint sauses, mint tea and Summer cocktails like Pimms and mojitios.

Setting the Onions Outside

Onions like a firm, fertile soil in a sunny site. Don't worry if you haven't prepared your bed in the Autumn or don't have access to home-made compost or manure, here's what to do!

Plant to Plate Herbs: Parsley

Parsley is an easy herb to grow if you are a novice gardener and looking to grow something green which you can also eat. Moving into April is a great time to sow Parsley outside when the soil is warming up. Parsley needs some shade to stop it from flowering and going over too quickly... Continue Reading →

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