A Welcome Party for Wasps

Many people find wasps a nuisance but they are really beneficial in the garden as they feed on caterpillars, grubs, weevils, ants, aphids and other insects and can effectively reduce pest populations. 

This year’s broccoli, delicious as it was in many a dinner, has gone to seed given a few hot days baking in the sun. I was about to uproot it and replant the area when I saw the broccoli heads literally buzzing with wasps as the heads opened into lovely, yellow flowers.

So I decided to leave it alone. If I can attract wasps to the veg patch and they can eat the caterpillars who are currently munching on the cabbages, well so much the better; the circle of life as they say.

Interestingly enough, we’ve sat having a cuppa right beside the broccoli as the wasps enjoyed their little impromptu party – we left them alone, and they left us alone! Follow the link to The Pink Wheelbarrow’s Facebook Page to see a video of the Wasp Party in full swing!

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  1. We used to get rid of wasp nests when the girls were young but we leave them be, nowadays. We also often get hornet nests in the garden though this year we have neither wasp nor hornet nests and have hardly been bothered by these insects at all. Quite worrying, really.

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