Get Your Children to Map Out Your Garden

There's no better isolation idea which will tick the boxes for art and design, maths and geography and which can be done both as an indoor and outdoor project for hours and hours of endless fun! Grab some paper, pencils, a ruler and maybe an eraser so your children can start to draw out a map of their garden.

Start off Onion Sets

Onions are so easy to grow and don’t take up much space in the garden so they are perfect for a beginner to try and a simple activity to do with children. It will be great to look forward to later in the year, when you will be pulling fresh onions right from your own garden.

Grow Pea Shoots on Your Windowsill

Self-isolation should not stop you from being able to grow and harvest fresh greens to add to soups, salads, sandwiches and smoothies! Growing microgreens on your kitchen windowsill is quick, easy, rewarding and so good for you nutritionally! It's also an easy activity to do with children!

No Better Time to Grow Your Own

In these very troubling times and before we get to stage of lockdown, try to get to your local garden centre this week and pick up some seed potatoes, onion sets, a packet of peas or beans and a couple of packets of easy grow seeds like lettuce and spinach.

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