#WhoIsMyCressHead Competition for Children!

#WhoIsMyCressHead Competition for Children!

A simple and easy lockdown activity to do with your children which will incorporate art and language skills as well as teaching them to grow something edible and to reuse, recycle and repurpose household waste!

All you need is a used yoghurt pot or similar, some cress seeds which can be picked up in most supermarkets when you are doing an essential shopping and a little soil, or cotton wool if you don’t have any soil. 

So to summarise:

•Grow a Cress Head
•Give him or her a name and a personality
•Take a picture of your Cress Head when it has cress hair and post it to The Pink Wheelbarrow’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages with the hashtag #WhoIsMyCressHead and a short description to tell us all about who your Cress Head is and what they are like!
•Please post the picture by 19th May. 
•Share this post so your friends can get involved!

The prize for the winning Cress Head will be a Growing Kit worth around £40 from Sudocrem. The kit has everything you need to get started, including seeds, gloves and gardening tools – and of course some Sudocrem to soothe a little gardener’s skin which might have been scratched, prickled or stung, or just become dry from handwashing. Winners can choose between an indoor kit or an outdoor kit, or let Sudocrem decide which they send. Both of the kits have a drawstring bag, so you can keep everything tidy when you aren’t using it.

Looking forward to meeting your Cress Heads!

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