Six on Saturday to Mark Spring’s Arrival

It feels like ages since I’ve written a #SixonSaturday post but the past few months have been so busy with Scotland Grows. With today being the start of astrological spring though, how could I not celebrate that with all the loveliness bursting forth in my garden?

Last weekend the daffodils showed no sign of opening up their tightly shut buds and they normally are open for Mother’s Day. It’s how I can usually time their blooming as my children presented me with a gorgeous bunch of daffodils years ago which I appreciated and enjoyed – until I found out they had picked them from the garden, they learned a tough lesson that day!

I started a little experiment two years ago in that dark, dry space under the conifer trees where nothing wants to grow by planting crocus bulbs in autumn. They flowered well last year so I added more last autumn and now this space is doing exactly what I want it to and providing a burst of colour in an otherwise, barren space. I have some snowdrops in the green to add in today and they’ll all hopefully bulk up for next year to give an even more delightful early display next spring.

The bare stems of the flowering currant have literally burst into bud over the last few sunny days and they green up a dull corner. I love this one as it was given to me by a friend who no longer had room for it in his new garden design and being a taker of all plant donations, I popped it in a bare corner and have loved it ever since.

I am always beyond delighted to see the lupin foliage return from the depths. This one is by far the furthest on and I fear the snow covering that we had for several weeks this winter has killed off around six of these in other spots in the garden. I have another three waiting in he wings in pots but I’ll wait a few more weeks before planting them on the off chance that some of the existing ones are just slow to get going and may make an appearance yet.

The gorgeous Primula denticulatas are bursting forth all around the garden. I lifted and divided them two years ago and popped them all over the place to give these early bursts of colour and they never disappoint. I’m hoping to lift and divide again this autumn and I think I’ll keep doing that until they fill every vista with their gorgeous springtime drumsticks of colour.

My final six for ‘Six on Saturday’ is a shout out to spring: to blue skies, longer light and warmer days! Do not adjust your screen, that is sunshine in Glasgow so I am off to enjoy weeding the borders in what I hope will be a relatively lovely, spring day!

On a Saturday, gardeners from around the world share six things from their garden in their blogs and on social media. It’s a great way to see over the fence of what is going on in other people’s gardens. Do feel free to leave a comment and enjoy reading other #SixonSaturday blogs for information and inspiration – you’ll find them posted on The Propagator’s Blog and lots on Twitter on the #SixonSaturday hashtag. The Pink Wheelbarrow can be found on Twitter too at @PinkWheelbarrow.

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