‘How to get Kids Gardening’ Book Review

‘How to get Kids Gardening’ is the only book you’ll need for weekends, for half terms and for the school holidays and right now, during lockdown! It’s packed full of easy ideas that will get the whole family out in the garden creating real memories together.

Lee Connelly, a family gardener, who has appeared on ‘CBBC’ and ‘Blue Peter’, released ‘How to get Kids Gardening’ to inspire families to get outside, away from the distractions of tvs and computers. Everything in this book he has tried and tested with his daughter and wife.

‘How to get Kids Gardening’ is split into three sections: Grow Your Own, Wildlife and Fun. The book gives families ideas to grow veg using upcycled and recycled materials from around the home like using orange peels to start off seeds, a washing up bowl to make a salad garden and using a pallet to make a mini allotment.

It also encourages children to create fun habitats for wildlife like a bug hotel, a hedgehog home and a bird feeder to encourage wildlife to visit the garden.

And some of the projects are just about having fun in the garden like making a cardboard castle or a mud kitchen: all designed to encourage children to be active and creative outdoors.

The book is bright, colourful, easy to follow and illustrated throughout with the most natural, gorgeous pictures of Lee and his daughter Olive.

‘How to get Kids Gardening’ is available at skinnyjeangardener.co.uk/shop at a cost of £12.99 but it also currently retailing at around £10 on Amazon. For more information, check out www.skinnyjeangardener.co.uk.

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