Your Favourite Six Plants in the Garden 2020

You may remember last month that I told you which six plants were my absolute must-haves for the garden, and asked you which ones were yours? The response, on The Pink Wheelbarrow’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages, was overwhelming: that’s why it has taken me so long to collate all the plant loveliness!

In order to narrow down the huge selection of plants I have in my garden to just six favourites, I framed the choice with the question: which six plants could you not be without in your garden? So if I only had to choose six, my six would be Lupins, Hostas, Foxgloves, Hardy Geraniums, Alliums and Salvias – such a hard task to choose only six!

Your favourite six plants, the ones that you just could not be without in the garden, are varied and diverse, but beautiful and inspiring and with each stroke of the key I found myself wanting to add another to my own list!

I loved hearing about all the choices from everyone who commented on the post and I hope that the following choices from a wide readership make you think about your own plant choices, and inspire you!

“Peonies, roses, salvias, hardy geraniums, camellias, clematis. Not a very radical list…” Constance CraigSmith

“Here’s some of mine: snowdrops, delphiniums, weigela, philadelphus, pulmonary and peonies. Peonies are my favouritists!” helwith1l

“Mine would be Foxgloves, Aqualegia and Iris for three – because every year they come back stronger without any help or support from me! Then I would have Hostas, Hebes and Hellebores!” Katie Arthur Scott 

“This is hard but…….. Roses, hardy geranium Orion, Guara whirling butterflies, salvia, euphorbia & clematis ( I think )” Debbie

“Roses, wisteria, hydrangea, hollyhocks, verbena bonariensis, lavender.” noelle mcauliffe No5RoseCottage

“Lupins always reminds me of my childhood in the seventies, wall to wall lupins I recall, glad they’re back in vogue. Realistically any six that can survive in the Highland Region over the winter .. a constant work in progress!” DA Davidson

“For me it would have to be Lupins, Skimmia, Mahonia, Acer, Twisted Hazel and Tulips!” Jill Cronin 

“Petunia, Agapanthus, Geums, Primula, Sambucas nigra ‘Black Lace’ and Philadelphus.” Diary of a Horticulture Student

“Agapanthus, Camellia, Hosta, Peony, wisteria, Beech. Gosh this is hard!” John butcher

“Ferns, Hostas, Erysimum Bowles Mauve, Clematis, Acer & Sedum. Plus many more but I think I’d always make room for these 6!” WellyWonder

“As my garden gets tons of shade: Mahonia-Winter Sun and aquifolium, Berberis Darwinii, Daphne odora and eternal fragrance, Hibiscus oiseau bleu and honeysuckle clotted cream.” Lou Yates

“Foxgloves. Cat mint. Valarian. Bergamot. Calendula… and all kinds of daisies!” Feyona Blair

“So hard to choose just 6!!! Basil, Aloes, Strawberries, Sunflowers and Marigolds.” Samberlina

“Sweet peas, roses, camelias, fuschias, rosemary, clematis.” Sarah Louisa Collins

“Lavender, roses, tulips, penstemon, foxgloves and violas.” kittylayland

“Rudbeckia, Peony, False Indigo, Iris Siberian/Bearded, Lambs Ear, Sunflowers.” Sheri Schlondrop

“Mint, tomatoes, peppers, basil, collards, snow peas.” Florida Gardener

“This has been so difficult to choose just 6..but here they are, Black Sambuca, Hosta, Pieris, Grasses, Acer and my lovely Magnolia, in centre of Edinburgh.” Alison Keiller

“Hostas full stop.” Richard Bland

I hope you’ve enjoyed other people’s fabulous choices on which six plants they could not be without in the garden -it was such an interesting list! What would be the six plants you could not be without in the garden, I’d love to know?

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