Buying Beautiful Bulbs

Now is a great time to plan for that long awaited burst of beautiful Spring bulbs in your garden! There is nothing more welcome after a long, cold, wet Winter than seeing the Daffodils or Tulips burst forth from the soil but in order for that to happen, you need to plan for it now!

Garden Centres, Supermarkets and Pound shops are stocked with an array of different bulbs at the moment and it is very easy to get carried away and buy a whole heap of bulbs which lie in a dark corner of your shed or kitchen and never get planted – we’ve all made that mistake! Bulbs which are left sitting too long can become soft or shrivelled which will compromise their potential to grow as well as they should. Bulbs that are left sitting in plastic bags can become mouldy which again means the bulb won’t perform at its best. I went for a selection from B & Q which are great value at 3 packets for £

You need to spend a quick half hour looking at you garden and thinking in advance about which Spring flowers you would like to see where! I know for example, that I loved the Alliums this year which I planted last Autumn and so I’ve bought a load of them to plant in this Autumn.


I also have some pots with Daffodil and Tulip displays which I move to the front of the house when they are in bloom. These pots, I’ll refresh with some new compost and add in a few more Tulips to the Tulip pots and a few Muscari to mix in with the Daffodil

I’ve also been really taken with double Tulips which look like Peony blooms once they flower so I’ve bought some of them to add to a border alongside these Tulips to compliment them.Photo 13-05-2018, 1 03 05 pm

Bulbs are a cheap way to guarantee a pop of colour in your pots or borders and really lift your mood after the cold days of Winter. The other great thing is that because you plant bulbs in the Autumn and forget about them, there is a real feeling of wonder and awe when they gloriously appear, all of a sudden, in Springtime!


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