Try a Primula Japonica in a Moist, Shady Border

Ideal for moist shady borders, the Primula Japonica or the Candelabra Primula as I know it, grows to about 45cm tall and bears beautiful, bright, crimson-like flowers on tall, upright stems above a large, basal rosette of light green, lettuce-like, crinkly leaves.

primula japonica 2

It is a late Spring bloomer and will come back stronger each year while also happily self seeding around if it gets a moist, shady spot where the soil does not dry out too much. This Primula will also do well in boggy soil or at the edge of ponds and I have it in a boggy corner of the garden that is almost constantly waterlogged.

This one is Primula Japonica ‘Miller’s Crimson’ but it can also be found in shades of red-purple, pink and white.


Photo 17-06-2018, 2 09 30 pm

While the only downside is that the slugs love a bit of Primula Japonica, the deers apparently do not love it – good to know if you are trying to deer-proof your garden!

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  1. A few years ago I had some candelabras in a beautiful shade of apricot which came from John Kinloch’s garden but they got crowded out and I lost them.

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