Eggshells – Slug Defence

You may know that eggshells are a great way to deter slugs from chomping on your prized plants as apparently they do not like to slide over the sharp, crushed eggshell edge. Scattering one or two eggshells here and there however, will not really be very effective. So how do you gather enough eggshells in order for this barrier method to be successful?

Eating a lot of eggs may well be the answer but I save all my eggshells throughout the whole Winter so that come Spring, I have so many that I can afford to be really generous when crushing them around plants vunerable to slug attack! It may not look nice in the emerging Spring garden but protect plants like Lupins early enough from the multiplying slug army and they will grow into beautiful showstoppers! The eggshells are eventually broken down into the soil or you can simply dig them in once you feel the plant is strong enough to be no longer attractive to a munching mollusc!


I reuse the plastic box that grapes come in, drop in the shells as I use eggs and then when the box fills up, crush the shells down with the bottom of a washing up bottle and store until I hear the marching cry of the slug!

It’s a small tip but get saving those shells now and your Lupins, Hostas and Salvias will thank you!

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