A Look Back at Blooming July

July you came in hot and dry, with baking temperatures and long, sunny days to enjoy! You went out rather cooler and wetter with  some gusty winds to boot! It certainly has been an unusual month of weather: there are things blooming in my garden in July which should not be out until August but the hot weather brought them out early and there are things which should still be in bloom, already gone over from the scorching sun.

Here’s a look back at what was blooming in July…

Campanula Blue just edging the deck
Nemesia Blue Biocolour used at the edge of a wooden planter
Photo 20-07-2018, 12 14 30 pm
Salvia New Dimension Blue, a new one for me as I normally grow Salvia East Friedland
The Hostas were just starting to bloom at the beginning of July and some are still going strong
Astilbes do well in shade and I have them in white and in this lovely shade of deep pink
Echinacea Pink Parasol just came into bloom at the end of July
This Crocosmia Lucifer would never normally bloom in my garden until mid-August but all the heat of July brought it out way too quickly
I had to rush out and buy some red, bedding Salvias to pick up and carry the colour of the Crocosmia Lucifer through the garden
Photo 16-07-2018, 2 50 00 pm
The blooms from a Pelargonium never fail to delight

July ended on a rather wetter note but the plants positively relished the rainfall! We look forward to see what August will bring to our gardens!



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