Why would you cut off all the lovely flowers on your Pelargoniums?

Why would you cut off all these lovely flowers on your Pelargoniums when they are in full, glorious bloom?

Zonal Pelargoniums which we use in so many bedding plant displays at this time of year, can be deadheaded to reveal fresh new growth underneath and if you are going on holiday, this is a great time to drastically cut back the flowers so that the new buds will be ready to burst forth on your return. Look underneath the current flush of blooms and you will see fresh, new buds which hold the next set of flowers waiting to burst forth.

Cut off these blooms carefully using a pair of scissors and although your poor Pelargonium will look very bald, it will now receive light and air and will reward you with a beautiful, new flush of fabulous flowers!

As an aside, although Pelargoniums are often commonly called Geraniums, this is not correct as true Geraniums are hardy, herbaceous plants while Pelargoniums are generally tender plants and are more often used as Summer bedding or houseplants.

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