A Garden Less Ordinary

A visit to the extraordinary garden hidden from the road at Lanercost in Carmunnock, is like journeying into a plant paradise of possibilities! Every available space has been used to sow, to grow, to nurture and to display and as you travel around the individual spaces, you realise that you are witnessing a gardener’s love affair with a garden. The plants are not just happy, they are positively dancing with joy at the freedom they have to show off their forms in the most splendid conditions.

The first area to view in the garden created and tended to by John Kinloch and Matt Smith, is a packed plethora of Hostas of all shapes, sizes and variations of colour. The fact that they are all labelled is just a joy of education!

And then of course, there is what can only be described as the most magnificent Hosta Walk, without a slug nibble in sight:Photo 17-06-2018, 2 05 31 pm

There are Lupins and Foxgloves nestled cheek to jowl, bringing a kaleidoscope of colour to corners.Photo 17-06-2018, 2 03 47 pmPhoto 17-06-2018, 2 20 19 pm

Near to the pond area, there are the most glorious displays of Candelabra Primulas in pretty pink and purple colours being allowed to freely self-seed and put on a spectacular show of strength in numbers.Photo 17-06-2018, 2 09 30 pmPhoto 17-06-2018, 2 11 11 pm

When I say pond, it is really more like a small lake complete with a bridge, pagoda and a moongate.Photo 17-06-2018, 9 14 29 pmPhoto 17-06-2018, 9 14 30 pm (1)Photo 17-06-2018, 9 14 30 pm (2)

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the size of the Gunnera happily growing in several spots surrounding the lake, puts your small bedding plants to shame.Photo 17-06-2018, 2 07 36 pmPhoto 17-06-2018, 2 09 49 pmPhoto 17-06-2018, 2 09 58 pm

There is a more formal section of garden right in the middle, complete with another, smaller pond, Hostas in pots, a seating area, gravel paths and archway entrances.Photo 17-06-2018, 2 17 30 pmPhoto 17-06-2018, 2 17 54 pmPhoto 17-06-2018, 2 18 17 pmPhoto 17-06-2018, 2 25 00 pm

There is colour, form and style at every turn and no space is left barren. You will find all your favourite flowers happily growing in their ideal conditions: Irises, Roses, Clematis, Begonias, Peonies, Geraniums and Pelagoriums.Photo 17-06-2018, 2 06 18 pmPhoto 17-06-2018, 2 15 20 pmPhoto 17-06-2018, 2 16 36 pmPhoto 17-06-2018, 2 17 13 pmPhoto 17-06-2018, 2 28 45 pmPhoto 17-06-2018, 2 28 58 pmPhoto 17-06-2018, 2 29 06 pmPhoto 17-06-2018, 2 29 26 pmPhoto 17-06-2018, 2 30 04 pmPhoto 17-06-2018, 9 14 30 pm

This really is a gardener’s garden and as such would not be complete without just a few hundred fruit and vegetables growing!

If you ever get the chance to visit this garden , Lanercost, in Busby Road, Carmunnock, do not think twice, do not hesitate for a second as a wander round it will not only delight and amaze you, it will inspire you to pack more into your own garden, to give plants more freedom to sing and most of all, a visit to this garden will wash you all over with a new found love for plants and their myriad combinations and possibilities.

Photo 17-06-2018, 9 14 29 pm (1)

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