Watering After Rainfall

You may be doing a happy dance if your garden has been blessed with rainfall in this bakingly gorgeous Summer but don’t put away the watering can just yet! Unless your garden has had heavy and prolonged rainfall, the water may not be reaching the roots of your plants and they will still need your help in order to thrive.

Photo 20-07-2018, 12 16 57 pm
The rainfall hasn’t reached the soil around this Hydrangea.

The large leaves on some plants can act as an umbrella and the raindrops will simply glide off. If the water is gliding off into your border then either the plant roots or those of some other plant will be benefit from it but if the rain is sliding off onto a path, patio or deck, then the plant roots are gaining little.

Large leaf plants like hydrangea can act as an umbrella for rainfall.
The dense canopy of foliage on this Hydrangea prevents a lot of the raindrops from reaching ground level.
Photo 20-07-2018, 12 27 11 pm
Raindrops pool on the leaves and centre of Lupins.
Photo 18-07-2018, 11 08 47 am
The felt-like leaves on Alchemillia Mollis hold onto raindrops for hours and hours.
Photo 18-07-2018, 11 09 34 am
Raindrops run right off large leaf Hostas.

Another area to check is plants situated near or underneath trees where the tree will act as an umbrella and the plant will gain little moisture from the rainfall.

Photo 20-07-2018, 12 16 18 pm
This Azalea is planted between two trees which prevent the rain reaching it unless it is heavy and prolonged.
Photo 20-07-2018, 10 35 02 am
The soil on the right is nearest a tree which is acting as an umbrella for the rainfall.

The lesson here is just to have a quick check around the base of large leaves plants, those in the shadow of trees and in pots with overhanging foliage to make sure that even after rainfall, the soil isn’t dry and if it is, it will still need a good soak.




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