A Blooming Lovely Six on Saturday for June

Last June was the same: everything suddenly looked gorgeous in the garden and we got hit with gale force winds! This June was no different. With heavy rain and high winds over the last few days, I’m glad I took some photographs of the garden on Thursday. On the plus side, I don’t think I’ll have to water the garden for a while!

The first week of June has been all about gorgeous blooms working together to create a tapestry of colour which seems to bursting out everywhere. As my garden is in Scotland, we are a few weeks later to bloom than those gardening further south so while I’ve been enjoying pictures of Alliums for weeks on other people’s feeds, mine are now resplendent, just as everyone else’s has gone over. I’ve tried various Alliums over the years but am sticking now to Purple Sensation as it grows well, is loved by the bees and looks simply fabulous!

Always the last lady to the party, Rhododenron Marcel Menard bursts into full bloom just as the rest are getting tired! It’s always worth the late arrival though, as the deep purple blooms are quite stunning!

Ideal for moist shady borders, the Primula Japonica or the Candelabra Primula as it known, grows to about 45cm tall and bears beautiful, bright, crimson-like flowers on tall, upright stems above a large, basal rosette of light green, lettuce-like, crinkly leaves. I have it in a boggy corner of the garden that is almost constantly waterlogged. This one is Primula Japonica Miller’s Crimson and it’s such a bright pop of colour.

This little Nemesia is quite a surprise as we normally think of Nemesia as an annual but this pot was simply moved against a wall over Winter ready to be emptied come Spring but lo and behold, it has survived and has been blooming these deliciously delicate flowers for a few weeks now.

The stars of the garden are getting a double mention this week: the absolute towering beauty of the Lupins! This pure white variety was given to me by a friend, I don’t think it’s Polar Princess as it is so tall but nevertheless, isn’t it an absolute beauty? I have several of this white one around the garden but this one is standing way taller than any of the rest right now and seems to be getting taller every day!

My faithful old Lupin Persian Slipper has ben performing and putting on a show for years and this year’s performance is about to commence. They sit in a windy spot unfortunately so I have them growing through some plant supports which become invisible to the eye once the full foliage and flowering is out but gives them a wee prop to steady the stage.

Do feel free to me leave a comment on these six and let me know what you’ve been up to this week as blooming, lovely June kicks in!

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