Celebrate Garden Day

On Sunday 10th May 2020, households across the UK are invited to celebrate Garden Day by popping on a flower crown and sharing the plant spaces they’ve lovingly nurtured.

Gardeners can be so preoccupied with the everyday gardening tasks of digging, planting, mulching, pruning and weeding, that they can forget to stop and smell the roses.

“Garden Day on 10th May is all about ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’ and celebrates the simplicity of just enjoying our garden space no matter where or what it is.” says RHS Gold Medalist Chris Beardshaw.

Studies have shown that simply being in a garden is good for mind and body: it lowers the heart rate, calms brain activity, and makes people feel more connected to the world around them.

A survey conducted by Candide into ‘The Happiness Effect of Gardens’ found that 96% of people said they felt happier when spending downtime in their gardens, with 94% stating that they wished they spent more time in their gardens. The survey found that around 80% of people rate spending time in the garden as important for their mental and physical health.

Some of the most popular ways for people to spend downtime in their garden include:

  • Sitting quietly in a favourite spot and looking at their most beautiful plants (77%)
  • listening to birdsongs and watching the wildlife (64%)
  • enjoying a cuppa and a chat with others (64%)
  • a quiet bite to eat on their on (58%)
  • a meal such as a barbecue or picnic with others (53%)

Whilst we may not be able to have our family and friends around this year for a Garden Day get together, you can still enjoy the pleasures of your garden with your own household or host a virtual Garden Day event online.

For added floral fun, why not get creative and try making your own floral crown to wear on Garden Day from materials foraged from your own garden? Here’s a really video of how I did it, in two parts as my phone cut out halfway through!

Garden Day is a celebration to unite all plant lovers whether you a balcony gardener, an allotment holder, a flower border fanatic, an indoor jungle maniac, a lawn devotee or a crazy plant lady! So let’s hang up those gloves, pop on a flower crown, enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of bubbly, and connect virtually to celebrate the joy in our gardens on Garden Day.

Everyone who shares a post on social media with the hashtag #GardenDayUK will be entered into a draw to 1 x WIN £250 worth of National Gardening gift vouchers. Have a great day!

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