Bombproof Plant : London Pride

One of the most ground-hugging, low-growing, weed-smothering, bomb-proof plants you could have in the garden is London Pride, Saxifaga x urbium. I have them everywhere and I love everything that they bring to the border party!

This prolific, perennial grower provides much needed ground cover for areas in borders where weeds would otherwise grow. I use them both at the front of borders to soften the edges and give a ping of zesty green to gaps and at the back of borders, against the fence, to provide a barrier against the colony of weeds which tries to advance from the adjoining field.

As London Pride is such a robust spreader, it is easy to literally pull up bits from the runner-like stolons and replant in other areas, giving you many plants for free. I honestly think that if you pulled some up and launched it at a bit of soil, it would take root and start growing!

London Pride forms a mat of leathery leafed rosettes from which rise sprays of delicate white to pink flowers atop thin stems in early Summer. Not only does this low cloud of white, floating flowers look fabulous but they are great for jam jar flower arranging, growing to no more than around 20cm in height. The flowers last for ages and once they start to go over, it’s simply a case of snapping off the spent flower stem to return to the dense carpet of evergreen.

And that is basically it! London Pride needs no other maintenance: it will do well in sun or shade although it spreads better in shadier spots; it is drought tolerant so don’t worry about watering it; it is generally not bothered by pests or diseases; it is so easy to divide and replant around the garden and it is full hardy and perennial so just leave it alone to do it’s thing.

Saxifraga x urbium is apparently commonly called London Pride is it is said to have colonised the bombed sites left after the London Blitz. I’ve also heard it referred to as St. Patrick’s Cabbage, what do you call it where you are?

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  1. I was just about to add more to my border and found your post. It seems that in my native language (French), London pride is called… Painter’s despair ! I have no idea why. (I have discovered gardening in England where I live now, which is why I know plants by their English names more than by their French names).

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