Colour Pops for Six on Saturday

I found myself apologising this week to the grass as I squelched around on it trying to get some #sixonsaturday pictures. All this rain has rendered the lawn like a mudpit but it’s still far too wet to be doing anything about it yet! Instead I slid around from one tiny pop of colour to the next, in between the sleet and rain showers, and it is just wonderful to watch the garden slowly start to wake up!

Three of my #sixonsaturday pictures this week are Primula denticulatas and I’ll tell you why. A few years ago I bought two Primula Denticulatas and duly planted them. One died, one bloomed in a gorgeous, deep cerise colour and I loved it! So, I bought more, in a mixed batch of cerise and purples. The whole batch turned out to be purples so this is the first and still the only, cerise Primula denticulata in my collection. I moved it last year right to the border at the back door so it’s the first pop of colour I see when heading out into the garden at this time of year.

The purple batch of Primula denticulatas grew really well and so last autumn, I dug up all the clumps, split them, and spread them around the garden so I am overjoyed to see them bursting back into life. I also have some which I just temporarily planted in a fallow raised veggie bed to overwinter so now I can pop them out around the garden where there are gaps, provided the grass dries out enough to pemit me to walk on it!

Although all the Primula denticulatas were the same pale purple in colour when I bought them and before I split them, I have one randomly rebellious clump which has decided to strip itself of all colour this year and just bloom in beautiful white – how lovely a transformation! And so that’s the tale of the three colours of Primula denticulatas which I have in my garden!

3 weeks ago for #sixonsaturday, I commented on the crocus stems just pushing up through the soil, well the yellow ones are now just about to bloom! I am delighted to see them as I set them under the conifer trees, that area where notoriously nothing wants to grow! Well, here they are and I’m hoping their white and purple friends won’t be shy in coming out to bloom soon too!

The hellebores in pots at the front of the house are still doing really well and continuing to give lovely blooms despite the battering rain. I’m hoping they’ll provide enough interest until the muscari and crocuses come through in those pots and that’ll take us through until summer bedding time.

Nothing says, ‘Hello Spring?’ like a daffodil and these little Tete a Tetes have been out for over a week in pots at the front of the house. They are just so cute and dainty that they really do brighten up a dull day!

Do feel free to me leave a comment on these six as I love to chat about plants and gardening or let me know what is green in your garden right now!

Enjoy reading other #SixonSaturday blogs for information and inspiration as gardeners around the world share six things from their garden on a Saturday. #SixonSaturday is hosted by The Propagator, and you’ll find lots of links on Twitter on the #SixonSaturday hashtag. You can find The Pink Wheelbarrow on Twitter at @PinkWheelbarrow.

10 thoughts on “Colour Pops for Six on Saturday

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  1. Envious of your color. We are snow-covered once again, so we are craving green. Thanks for sharing your primulas. Mine don’t bloom until long after the crocuses, the first was April 29th last year, but the bulleyanas didn’t bloom until June 15! I need lots more of both!

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  2. Lovely to see your pops of colour this week. Your primulas are beautiful, though I think I love that wite most of all.

    I’ve managed to keep off the grass so far, I have no idea how soft it is. Our forecast is looking fairly reasonable for Monday – so I’ll have to put it to the test. I plan to start pruning and can’t let soggy grass get in the way. 🙂

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