Six on Saturday – Anticipation

February is a month of anticipation: Spring is not yet here but it is almost tangible, it’s in the air and the garden is very slowly starting to wake up! A walk around the garden this week reveals those tiny awakenings and oh what a joy they are to behold!

The new leaves on the Primula Denticulata are new and small and yet, the flowers are already appearing with a candy coloured purple that is quite delicious! This will grow to about around a foot tall and just get even more fabulous!

I almost missed the emerging shoots of the Crocus bulbs that I planted last Autumn. They are just started to peep through the soil and I nearly covered them over with the lovely, leaf mould as was applying as a mulch.

More emerging bulbs are appearing all around the garden as the Tulips are also starting to push through the soil. The promise of buoyant colour is everywhere just now and I am starting to feel like the garden is getting the jump on me.

I hadn’t realised how much the Chives had started into growth as they were masked by the old, dead foliage. That’s the beauty of getting up close and personal with the soil, you get to see shoots, buds and new growth emerging.

A quick haircut later and the Chives are looking healthier – they will shoot away now and be ready for eating in the not too distant future!

Now this was a total surprise to see some Snowdrops in a border! I planted them maybe two years ago, and they were lovely but last year I dug up this border and moved everything around so no more Snowdrops. Obviously, I thought I’d killed them off but lo and behold, they have come through again. I am always amazed at the power of nature to want to survive!

My final one for this week’s #sixonsaturday is the berries on the Sarcococca, aren’t they a pretty sight? They are right in the middle of the bush in what almost seems like their own concealed, little universe, it’s quite fascinating!

Do feel free to me leave a comment on these six as I love to chat about plants and gardening or let me know what is green in your garden right now!

Enjoy reading other #SixonSaturday blogs for information and inspiration as gardeners around the world share six things from their garden on a Saturday. #SixonSaturday is hosted by The Propagator, and you’ll find lots of links on Twitter on the #SixonSaturday hashtag. You can find The Pink Wheelbarrow on Twitter at @PinkWheelbarrow.

10 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Anticipation

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  1. You’ve just prompted me to take a look at my chives – though they will have to wait until the winds die down.

    I would be delighted to be surprised by some snowdrops in my border, but alas, they haven’t been seen for some years now and I’ve lost hope. Time perhaps to plant some more?

    I hope by next year yours have multiplied.  😊

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  2. That primula is darlin’. Was looking at my own chives this week & wondering why I hadn’t separated them last year. O dear . . . at any rate, you are headed for some fab colour in the not too distant future.

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  3. I have found that my Sarcococca berries germinate really easily. I find so many seedlings underneath the Christmas Box I have to pull them all up (poor things!). Maybe I should try potting them on and see what happens?

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