Big Pots, No Problem!

Have you got some big pots to fill with gorgeous bulbs, Winter or Summer bedding plants or a stand out perennial? Anyone who has ever bought soil to fill a large pot, quickly realises how much soil is actually needed and there is nothing more frustrating than running out of soil and not being able to finish the job you started.

Most bulbs and bedding plants and all but the biggest of perennials will not grow roots which will reach to the bottom of a large pot so effectively, the soil at the bottom of the pot is not needed: it will not provide nutrients to the plant.

You can easily fill the bottom third of a large pot using the moulded, polystyrene packaging in which bedding plants usually come, or which comes out of the packing used to protect electrical purchases.

Photo 24-05-2018, 1 57 40 pm

One added benefit to using polystyrene to fill up the space at the bottom of large pots is that it provides drainage and instead of adding weight like crocks or stones at the bottom would do, it does not make large pots any heavier which helps when moving pots around.

The other benefit of course, is that you are recycling polystyrene and putting it to good use instead of sending it off in your bin!

So, break up that moulded polystyrene packaging and fill your big pots the cheaper, lighter and greener way!



4 thoughts on “Big Pots, No Problem!

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  1. Hi, there is a problem after the season: the polystyrene is not degradable. I prefer to use only organic materials to avoid any micro plastics in nature. Very cheap and easy way is to use maturing compost. It will be ready during the season and extradite nutrients for the plants.


    1. I know Tina, all this packaging for plants is not good. I generally get a couple of seasons out of the polystyrene at the bottom of pots so hope I’m keeping it out of landfill in the interim until we find better recycling facilities for all our waste products. Thanks for commenting!


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