Layering Spring Bulbs

To ensure you have a Spring display to excite, it is not too late to plant out Spring bulbs! Bulbs are cheap to buy, so easy to plant and make a fine display in borders or containers.

Photo 17-05-2018, 11 23 47 am

To get the most out of your containers, try layering bulbs for a longer display:

• Fill the container to about one third depth with soil and place in the largest bulbs, about one bulb width apart.

• Cover them with a layer of soil and then place in the next set of bulbs. This works well with Summer flowering bulbs or corms like gladioli or lillies on the bottom layer with tulips or daffodils placed on top.

• Water the container after planting and ensure the soil does not dry out over the Winter season but don’t over-water them. Start watering containers again when you see active growth.

• To promote good flowering, feed the bulbs every seven to ten days with a high-potassium fertiliser such as a liquid tomato feed as soon as shoots appear. Stop feeding once the foliage starts to die down at the end of the season.

If you can manage to get out in the garden on a gorgeous, fresh morning to plant some bulbs, you will benefit from light exercise, fresh air and Vitamin D which benefits your immune system in the dark days of Winter. If you cannot manage to get outside, bring the bulbs, soil and a few containers indoors to plant up for a magnificent start to Spring’s display.

Photo 30-04-2018, 11 49 41 am

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