Brunnera Macrophylla for a Shady Spot

If you’ve got a shady spot that’s a bit damp, plant a Brunnera, it’s the kind of conditions they enjoy! This Brunnera Macrophylla was pretty small when it was planted last year but because the conditions are right, it has doubled in size and thrown out the prettiest sprays of small, bright, blue flowers this year in a shady border. With lusious, large, heart-shaped leaves, it will come back year and year, bigger and better! You can even divide it in Spring if it gets too large and have several smaller plants to dot about to bring joy to those shady spots!



You can see the shade in the border behind it, I just caught it in the very few hours of early morning sun which it catches before it sits in deep shade for the rest of the day.
It gives great cover and interest at the moment as the fern is unfurling behind it and the hydrangea on the other side is just staring to leaf up.

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