Six on Saturday after the Rain

After so many weeks of warm, dry weather, the garden and I were doing a happy dance this week to see some rainfall! It is amazing how the combination of rainfall followed by sunshine really makes everything in the garden so much more lush! Here’s six things which have been going on in the garden this week!

Lupins always look fabulous after the rain as their leaves catch and hold the water droplets like precious diamonds. I love the shape of the emerging Lupin leaves at this time of year.

Hostas are another plant which have adored this week’s rain! They thrive in a damp, shady area so have put on so much growth this week after a good watering from the sky!

I feel like my Azaleas are late in blooming this year but I think it’s just that I’m spending more time in the garden with lockdown and so think they should be further on. I have been willing them on to bloom and they were almost there last weekend and now viola – bright, pink blooms after some rainfall!

I have a Clematis in bloom this week which is both a joy and a mystery! This Clematis has been in the ground for several years but has never bloomed, nor shown any sign of blooming and yet, this year, out of the blue, it has literally burst into creamy, white flowers. Further to this mystery is the fact that I cannot remember what it is called, I had kind of forgotten about it as it showed no indication of doing much! If you know what it might be, please do let me know in the comments!

April was a great month weather-wise and it has set the garden up so well for the month of May. I am so looking forward to seeing those purple topped Alliums burst forth and just seeing the emerging buds start to fatten up, fills me with excitement!

I couldn’t let this week go by without showing you my gorgeous Cherry Blossoms as by next Saturday, they will sadly be gone. The blossom on the Cherry Trees is so beautiful but so fleeting that we really need to take time out to enjoy them. This week we celebrated them Japanese style by holding our very own Hanami which was just magical.

Do feel free to me leave a comment on these six and let me know what you’ve been up to this week!

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