Six Things to do with your Tree after Christmas

Before you toss this year’s Christmas tree to the curb, check out six ways to get the most out of your old tree!

1.Create a bird feeder by propping your tree up outdoors in a sheltered location. String your tree with orange and apple slices and other bird-friendly goodies. This makes not only a great bird feeder but also a fabulous wintertime habitat for birds who may even build their nests in the branches.

2. Use branches from your tree to protect tender shrubs against frost and snow. Just cut a few branches from the tree and place them over any delicate plants for the winter.

3. If you have a woodchipper or know a friend who has one, chip the branches to use as a winter mulch around the garden.

4. If you would like to use your Christmas tree as firewood, it is not a good idea to do so right after you take it down and cut it up. The wood will still be wet and can pose a fire hazard. Chop it and stack the cut branches in a dry corner of a garage or shed and let them dry out before using.

5. Compost your Christmas tree. If your compost pile is small, add the tree branches in in smaller lots.

6. Recycle it either by placing it in your Council brown bin for collection or check out local drop off points where the trees will be chipped and shredded. You will probably have to chop the tree into manageable pieces to ensure it fits into your brown bin.

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