Wall-to-Wall Dahlias

With a colour and form to appeal to everyone, Dahlias are big, bright and bang on trend! Originating from Mexico, I travelled no further than the Dundee Flower and Food Festival to feast out on wall-to-wall Dahlias in the exhibition marquee and what a buffet of beauties it was. It would be so unfair of me to keep these all to myself, so grab a spoon and dig in!

Dahlia Hillcrest Candy
Dahlia Grace Wood
Dahlia Normandie Frills
Dahlia Fairway Spur
Dahlia Rose Jupiter
Dahlia Clearview Cameron
Dahlia Kiwi Ubria
Dahlia Pat & Perc
Dahlia Fashion Monger
Dahlia Nepos
Dahlia Gloria Van Hemsteele
Dahlia Lenora Valentine
Dahlia Millennium
Dahlia Gurtla Twilight
Dahlia Ryecroft Misty
Dahlia Mary’s Jomanda
Dahlia Western Ella Grace

Big, blousy and beautiful, and certainly not subtle, which Dahlia is your favourite?

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