3 Trends from Gardeners’ World Live

One thing which is apparent from big gardening shows is the trends which they set and the inspiration which they give us all. Visiting Gardeners’ World Live was a great chance to see what trends we can look towards for our own gardens.

Green Gardens

One of the most striking features from the show gardens at Gardeners’ World Live was the use of green as the most dominant and often the only colour, in the garden. Using green as a garden colour is often overlooked in favour of a riot of popping colours and yet a garden where green planting is the feature makes for a lush, calming oasis. Layering the green plants to mix form, shape and texture is the key and there were some fabulous examples on show at Gardeners’ World Live.

The High Line Garden designed by Lucy Bravington is full of naturalistic planting.
Toby Pritchard’s Harborne Botanics Garden uses large leafed foliage to suggest a more exotic location.
Fabulous foliage in The Macmillan Legacy Garden designed by Martin Wilson

Orange as an accent Colour

Of the show gardens which used pops of colour as accents and all around the show ground, orange certainly stood out as an on trend colour.

The Harborne Botanics Garden designed by Toby Pritchard relies heavily on foliage plants with pops of bright orange to lift the whole planing scheme.
The Children with Cancer UK Strength of Humanity Garden is designed by Ben Stubbs and has wonderful orange accents at its centre.
The Heritage Garden, one of the gardens competing for the Young Landscapers’ Award features a flash of bright orange right at the front door.
The gorgeous orange part of Jordan Weston’s Pride Garden in the Beautiful Borders.

Edibles amongst Ornamentals

It was absolutely marvellous to see so many gardens which incorporated edible crops amongst the ornamental flowers. Growing salads next to flowers in a border is a take-home tip which allows even the smallest of spaces to be both pretty and productive. As growing your own food is such a growing trend, showing people how to actually manage that within small spaces is really encouraging.

Edible veg growing amongst the front garden perennials in Alexandra Froggat’s The Watchmaker’s Garden.
The most glorious vegetables growing alongside blooms in Jon Wheatley’s Dahlia Garden.

The visit to Gardeners’ World Live was inspirational and to see new trends so apparent across all the show gardens can almost guarantee that we’ll be featuring them in our own gardens soon too!

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  1. I enjoyed reading this and all your lovely photos.
    I couldn’t get to the show so your blog is great for me to see some of the lovely garden there.
    Green is a colour , plants with unusual foliage or texture make a great addition to green gardens.
    I love orange too, many of my flower choices are orange.

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