How to Sow Leek Seeds

Last year I planted Leek seeds on a whim in a corner of a raised bed where there was space and I didn’t expect too much. How wrong was I? Every seed germinated and I had a bumper crop of Leeks, so many so that I had to start giving them away!

Leeks can be sown outdoors directly into shallow drills in a sunny spot and April is a good time to sow seeds as the ground warms up. You should start to see seedlings emerging in as little as 2-3 weeks.

Keep watering the seedlings until the plants are established and like all veg, don’t let them dry out and keep the area weed free.

Leeks are ready to harvest once the shaft reaches around 3cm in diameter. They can be left in the ground even over Winter, and you can just harvest them as you need them using a fork to lever the Leek gently from the ground.

Leek and Potato soup all Winter, from a small packet of seeds – result!

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