Plant to Plate Herbs: Parsley

Parsley is an easy herb to grow if you are a novice gardener and looking to grow something green which you can also eat. Moving into April is a great time to sow Parsley outside when the soil is warming up.

Parsley needs some shade to stop it from flowering and going over too quickly and if you can give it a rich, moist compost, it will be really happy. Parsley also grows successfully in pots so it is handy to have around the back door.

Parsley is harvested from the outside, just cut stems low down where they join the clump and discard the yellowing shoots.

Traditionally, Parsley is associated with being added to a white sauce to be served with fish. You can also add chopped parsley leaves to soups, stews, stocks, pasta and chickpea dishes, and it is delicious in dressings and stuffings. If you add leaves to a dish just before serving, it gives it a more pungent flavour.

You could also try growing French Flat Leaf Parsley which has a darker green foliage and is stronger in flavour than the curly type. French Flat Leaf Parsley will grow vigorously throughout Summer and can be chopped into grainy salads and couscous or used to garnish BBQ grilled peppers and courgettes. It can also be blended with basil and mint to make a salsa verde as a BBQ accompaniment.

My outdoor, curly Parsley grows really well! It’s been cut back, cooked, given away and is the gift which keeps on giving. I move it against a wall come late Autumn to give it some protection from the very wet weather so it can keep producing those curly, green parcels of freshness!

Parsley is an easy herb to try and looks good even if you don’t use it all in cooking, go on give it a go!

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  1. I will! I have had a herb bed for some years now and last year decided to get rid of a lot of old tired herbs and leave it until this spring to replace the plants. I haven’t grown parsley from seed before; I usually buy those pots of herbs from the supermarket, divide them up and plant them out.

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      1. I am trying to re-design part of our garden which had been left to itself for a while and had got completely out of hand. I will be mainly working on that project so won’t have time to grow many new plants. I do want to grow runner beans and give some to my mother who loves them. My husband is going to grow french beans and climbing beans but not potatoes this year. He will be making a raised bed where he wants to grow salad veg and maybe turnips and other root vegetables. He’ll probably have a few tomatoes in the greenhouse. I have a couple of places where I am trying to remove some horrible little alliums that have become invasive so I have cleared all the perennials out and may put annuals there just to brighten things up… or not! My daughter wants a native wildflower patch so I’ll help her clear away the grass and then she can sow seed or put in plug plants. I have a few trees that need planting out as well.

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