Glasgow’s Potato Day

On Sunday, I was lucky enough to make it along to Glasgow’s Potato Day organised by Glasgow Allotments Forum and what a feast of fun for the potato loving eye it was!

There were potatoes as far as the eye could see in the main hall, clearly laid out as First Earlies, Second Earlies and Main Crop potatoes. With really helpful volunteers on hand to guide you through the system of choosing and paying for the certified seed potatoes, it was a breeze! I loved the simplicity of writing the variety on a brown paper bag and then picking as many different types of tubers as you heart desired. And the buzz in the room, about potatoes, was just magnificent!

I picked five different varieties: Pentland Javelin for a First Early, Bonnie for a Second Early variety and Golden Wonder, Desiree and Kerrs Pinks for a Main Crop selection.

Upstairs there were onion sets, peas and garlic to be had if you had any more room left in your bag. It was 40p for two scoops of onion sets and today I counted that I had 40 in my paper bag so literally, that works out at 1p an onion, proving that growing your own is not only good for you but cost effective too!

I’ve told so many people now about Glasgow’s Potato Day that I’ll be fighting my gardening friends to get there next year – the date has already been set for 23rd February 2020!

A huge well done to all the many volunteers who put on such a great event – make way for my deck chair next year, I’ll be camping out all day!

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