Sexy Succulents

Oh yes, succulents are sexy in a big way as one of the hottest gardening trends around! Taking up little space, bringing all the benefits of indoor houseplants, great value for money, widely available to buy in a huge variety of styles and textures and super easy to look after, what’s not to love about these pops of lusciousness?

It is said there is a succulent to suit everyone and with a myriad range of shapes, colours, sizes, textures and forms, there probably is at least one which will tempt you. And therein lies the danger: you may become addicted!

I wrote last week about my newly discovered love of succulents so here are six reasons why should rush out and bag yourself some easy living, sexy succulents this week:

1.Succulents are perfect houseplants which take up little space so you can add them to windowsills or corners of desks quite easily at home or in the office. They like to be placed in a well-lit spot so near a window is ideal. You can display them in ultra-trendy terrariums or bottle gardens if you want to stay bang on trend.

2. Having houseplants around improves air quality as houseplants can absorb toxic chemicals including carbon monoxide and formaldehyde from our homes and workplaces thereby cleansing the air we breathe.

3.Unless you are looking to procure some unusual varieties or particularly large succulents, regular succulents are widely available in nurseries, garden centres and supermarkets for a couple of pounds – I’ve even bought a few from IKEA which cost around £2 each.

4.Most succulents propagate well so it won’t take too long if you are looking to increase the number you have, and you most certainly will want to have more of them.

5.Your collection of succulents can be chosen from a huge range of waxy leaved, hairy leaved, spiky leaved, smooth leaved, stripy leaved, spotted leaved varieties and so the architectural combinations you put together will be as unique as you choose.

6.They need little watering so you need not fret about them if you are off on holiday for a few weeks – your succulent will be happily thriving at home without you. As long as you’ve potted them in a specialist succulent compost or added lots of sharp drainage to regular compost, they will be fine. They do better with less rather than more watering and never, ever let them stand in water. You can give them a feed in Spring and Summer and remove any dead leaves as you see them and that is pretty much all that is required to look after your Succulents.

Do you have any sexy succulents at home? Which are your favourites? Let the succulent love begin!

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