A Homemade Christmas

What could you make from sticks gathered in the garden, a few leftover Christmas baubles, a bit of string and a cheap set of battery operated Christmas lights?

Shamed by all the creativity I’ve seen shared by other garden gurus, I thought it was time to join in. Giving it a go has actually been so rewarding and I’m proudly showing off my new creation like Santa has just been on Christmas morning! 

Ta dah….

With lights on
With lights off

Do I care that some of the sticks are bent or that some of them are a bit squinty once it was all hung? Do I care that it could do with some more baubles? Not a jot, it makes it totally unique! No doubt next year I’ll tinker with it a bit more, maybe gather some straighter sticks, buy some more baubles and rearrange the lights but for right now, I love, love, love it and it sits in pride of place on the wall in the living room, above the couch, bringing me some wonderful Christmas cheer!

Give a bit of a homemade Christmas a go, you’ll not regret the pride and satisfaction you get from it!

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