Six on a Turkish Saturday

My #SixonSaturday this week comes from Turkey, from Lara Beach, east of the town of Antalya on the Mediterranean Sea. One of the things I love most about going on holiday is seeing all the unusual plants and flowers in bloom: plants which we would find difficult to grow in the UK without a lot of intervention. To provide extra heat and cosseting for non-native plants is not sustainable for me, I prefer to grow native British plants and flowers which have a fighting chance of thriving.

That said, I can still marvel at the beauty, and wonder at the form, of plants foreign to our shores. That’s why I also have no intention of finding out the names of the plants I meet on holiday – we can all google a plant and sound like an expert! I prefer simply to know I don’t need to know about the best growing conditions or propagation method or feeding regime or hours of sunlight required for a particular plant – it’s like giving my mind a little holiday and I can simply appreciate the beauty for that moment. And then, like the best of all holiday romances, I can come home with some reminder snapshots and special memories!

So here are my #SixonSaturday from Turkey…

Photo 18-10-2018, 8 14 31 am
This pretty plant was used as a border edging in lots of locations.
Photo 18-10-2018, 8 14 17 am
Look at the orange in the centre of the pinks and yellows.
Photo 18-10-2018, 7 30 37 am
In the orange and yellow form, you can just see glimpses of pink emerging.

Photo 18-10-2018, 7 30 17 am

Photo 18-10-2018, 8 19 43 am
This flowering pink tree lined the streets everywhere.

photo-18-10-2018-8-19-56-am.jpgPhoto 18-10-2018, 8 21 27 amPhoto 18-10-2018, 8 21 44 am

Photo 18-10-2018, 2 42 56 pm
Bananas on the tree – my children were amazed!

Photo 16-10-2018, 11 38 34 am

Photo 16-10-2018, 11 43 11 am
What a glorious form!
Photo 18-10-2018, 7 31 13 am
It’s not called Bird of Paradise for nothing.


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