Plants for Free from Gardener’s World

If you are a novice gardener and wonder how on earth you will ever be able to afford to plant up your garden with such abundant blooms as you see on Gardener’s World or over the fence in other people’s gardens, here’s a top tip for you! If you buy Gardener’s World Magazine which comes out on a monthly basis, you’ll find a fabulous offer each month on bulbs, perennials, climbers and all sort of gorgeous plants, and all you do is pay the postage cost of £5.65!Photo 29-08-2018, 4 24 49 pm

Each month features a different offer from a reputable supplier like Thompson and Morgan. It is a very cost effective way not only of building up garden stock but of trying out plants and colours in the garden which you may not otherwise have bought. If there is something in the bundle which you do not like or wish to plant, give it to a friend or to your local school or community group who would not turn down the offer of free plants or bulbs! Photo 29-08-2018, 4 25 42 pmPhoto 29-08-2018, 7 12 11 pm

£5.65 for a range of plants and bulbs to try out, delivered to your door, what’s not to love?


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