Campanula Blue to the Rescue

There are always areas of our garden which annoy us and the side of our deck always annoyed me. It was a bit colourless and unfinished looking so finally, I’ve taken it in hand!

Photo 19-07-2018, 7 37 14 pm

Sometimes we overthink things but this problem area was simply solved with planting in some pretty, dwarf Campanula Blue with their loose, bell-shaped flowers, bought at £2 a plant from Morrisons.


Photo 19-07-2018, 9 25 32 pm

I surrounded them with some gravel to keep the grass at bay in order to give them a chance to establish this year. With any luck, by next Summer each plant should reach around 25cm in width and I set them at 30cm apart so that they will grow to form an almost continuous, blue border.

As they will not grow much taller than 15-20cm, it solves the other problem of needing to get the pink wheelbarrow through the space.

Photo 19-07-2018, 9 26 02 pm

Campanula Blue is a hardy perennial so by next Summer, I’ll hopefully be showing you a simply-solved, beautifully blooming, garden project which cost only £10!

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