Dahlia ‘Matt Armour’

On a visit to Glenveagh Castle Gardens in Co. Donegal, Ireland, I had the pleasure of seeing the Dahlia ‘Matt Armour’ in full bloom and in absolute abundance in the garden. This is a cultivar which is particularly associated with the gardens at Glenveagh Castle.

In 1929 Lucy and Arthur Kingsley-Porter became the owners of Glenveagh Castle and as keen gardeners, Mrs Porter introduced the Dahlia seed from which was grown the unique cultivar named Dahlia ‘Matt Armour’ after the then young, under-gardener. This cultivar name Dahlia ‘Matt Armour’ was registered with the RHS in 1996 by Seán O’Gaoithin, the Head Gardener in Glenveagh Castle and Gardens since 1995.

Seán O’Gaoithin, wrote for the journal of the Irish Garden Plant Society, Moorea, Volume 16, ‘This unique clone was first raised from seed given to young under-gardener Matt Armour in 1930 by Lucy Porter. The variety has been in cultivation in the walled garden ever since. A stock of 100 plants is maintained; the tubers are over-wintered in storage and planted out in the walled garden in May.’

This Dahlia ‘Matt Armour’ will grow to between 4-6 ft. and looks absolutely fantastic grown in a large sway such as that on display in Glenveagh Castle and Gardens.

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