Jobs for the Bank Holiday Weekend

With no Gardeners’ World on this week to keep the UK right on what jobs to be getting on with this weekend (gardeners are losing out to the snooker), here’s a wee list to get you started on your Bank Holiday weekend jobs:

  1. If you haven’t yet given your grass the first cut of the season, time to set the blades on high and get mowing ! An hour behind a hand-push lawn mower can burn as many as 500 calories if you need another reason to get going!
  2. It’s time to start Weeding with a capital W! As the soil temperature warms up, the weeds are starting to get going and if you can get ahead of them now, you’ll give yourself a pat on the back later. A light turn of the soil is all that’s really needed before the weedlings take firm root.
  3. After you’ve turned the soil and pulled out any bigger weeds, scatter some Fish, Blood and Bone, a general fertilizer, around the base of the plants in the border to give them a Spring feed. It’s an easy and quick job.
  4. Buy some compost or top soil to mulch around everything that’s been weeded and fed. It’ll keep the weeds down a bit if you put it on at a depth of a few inches by blocking out the light, it boosts the existing soil and feeds the plants and, it will make your freshly weeded and fed boders look brand new!
  5.  Pour a glass of wine or a large G & T and look at your work, from the warm of a window if the weather doesn’t pick up this weekend. With some attention now to your borders and a freshly cut lawn, your garden will be transformed from dull, Winter weariness to a Spring sensation!



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