Buying Beautiful Bulbs

There is nothing more welcome after a long, cold, wet Winter than seeing the Daffodils or Tulips burst forth from the soil but in order for that to happen, you need to plan for it now!

Lacecap Hydrangeas

The blooms on a lacecap Hydrangea Macrophylla, appear from the flowering stem so delicately around the edges first, it's not hard to see why they get the name lacecap.

A Look Back at Blooming July

July you came in hot and dry, with baking temperatures and long, sunny days to enjoy! You went out rather cooler and wetter with some gusty winds to boot! It certainly has been an unusual month of weather: here's a look back at what was blooming in July...

The Rain Shadow

If you have pots which nestle up against your house or a garden wall or fence, they may not be getting a good soaking during rainfall. This because they are in the rain shadow of the house, wall or fence: the dry area which is sheltered from rain-bearing winds.

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