Six on a Saturday for October

On a Saturday, gardeners from around the world share six things from their garden in their blogs and on social media. It's a great way to see over the fence of what is going on in other people's gardens. I thought I'd share #SixonSaturday from my garden as we slide into October.

Buying Beautiful Bulbs

There is nothing more welcome after a long, cold, wet Winter than seeing the Daffodils or Tulips burst forth from the soil but in order for that to happen, you need to plan for it now!

Lacecap Hydrangeas

The blooms on a lacecap Hydrangea Macrophylla, appear from the flowering stem so delicately around the edges first, it's not hard to see why they get the name lacecap.

Dahlia ‘Matt Armour’

On a visit to Glenveagh Castle Gardens in Co. Donegal, Ireland, I had the pleasure of seeing the Dahlia 'Matt Armour' in full bloom and in absolute abundance in the garden.

10 Reasons to Plant Alchemilla Mollis

Every garden should have some Alchemilla Mollis, or Lady's Mantle as it is commonly known. It is a hardy perennial with soft green, fan-shaped foliage which throws up large, lacy sprays of tiny lime-green flowers in early Summer.

Should you deadhead your Rhododendrons?

Deadheading prevents the flowers from going to seed and rhododendrons should be deadheaded too in order to give the plant energy for more flower production next year. Deadheading will also give your rhododendron a tidier appearance until next year's flowering period.

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