Move Over Chelsea, Gardening Scotland is here!

Having been to The Chelsea Flower Show, I am every bit as excited to visit Gardening Scotland this weekend! This year the Show which celebrates outdoor living, will be enjoying its 20th Birthday and promises to be packed to the rafters with inspiration on plants, flowers, veg growing and garden accessories!

Right Plant, Right Place

Impulse plant buys can turn out to be far from bargains. In order to thrive in your garden, you need to find the right plant for the right place. This is where it is useful to understand plant labels to help you decide which plants would be suitable for your garden.

The Promise of May

This is just my favourite time of the year! Leaves are unfurling and buds are swollen, ready to burst! It's the time of year when you can miss the beauty of the garden if you but blink!

Six on Saturday for May

At this time of year everything is just about to burst forth into the glorious splendour of Summer so I thought it worth choosing a six this week from the flowers in the garden which are coming to their finales!

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