Six on Saturday to Welcome March

On a Saturday, gardeners from around the world share six things from their garden in their blogs and on social media under the hashtag #SixonSaturday. It’s a great way to see over the fence of what is going on in other people’s gardens and to find fabulous, new inspiration for your own garden. So, what’s been going on in my garden this week?

1.With the glorious Spring sunshine around this week, it felt positively tropical in Glasgow! This unseasonally warm weather meant that all the little crocuses opened up their petite petals and wow, are they gorgeous! I’ve never planted crocus before, feeling perhaps that they were often overshadowed by daffodils and other Spring bulbs at the this time of year but I am so glad I layer planted them in pots for the front door as they are such a delight!

2.I have two Vibernum Tinus in the garden and although they are planted to give some evergreen structure and not really for the flowers, this week I’ve been up close and personal with their pinhead blooms. They are really quite extraordinary as they appear at first as pink and gradually unfurl their tiny blooms to a pretty white. More marvellous nature at work!

3.Given the spell of perfect weather, I have been out weeding the borders – no mean feat as I have 11 borders! Normally, I wouldn’t be out weeding this early in the garden and so often miss things emerging at this time of year. Not so this week, as the glorious, fresh leaves of the luscious Lupin have started to emerge! As this is one of my favourite six plants to have in the garden, I am always delighted when it chooses to return from its dormancy to set the scene for another spectacular show!

Up close and personal with a Lupin leaf

4.The other thing about getting out early to weed the borders is that you get to spot and take action on problems which have arisen. I noticed a bit of soil heaving on some of the Hydrangeas, leaving the roots exposed. This can be potentially fatal if we were to get a lot of cold, drying wind or another visit from the friendly Beast from the East so a good mulch was remedied on the spot.

5.Buds, buds, everywhere at this time of year and these Hydrangea buds really jump out in all their green splendour against the backdrop of cold, brown, twiggy structures on which they stand.

6.The glorious weather this week has also meant that the tiny tete-a-tete daffodils have positively burst their buds en masse to give a beautifully, welcome herald to Spring!

Do feel free to me leave a comment on these six and enjoy reading other #SixonSaturday blogs for information and inspiration. #SixonSaturday is hosted by The Propagator, a gardening blog you should most certainly check out. You’ll find lots of links on Twitter on the #SixonSaturday hashtag and you can find The Pink Wheelbarrow on Twitter at @PinkWheelbarrow.

25 thoughts on “Six on Saturday to Welcome March

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  1. You just can’t beat crocuses at this time of year. Looking at your lupins reminds me that I don’t remember seeing them in my daughter’s garden when I had a general ‘look see’ the other day. They did tell me they had a tidy up last weekend 🤔. That’s the problem looking after someone’s garden!

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      1. Trouble is they are not gardeners, but have set ideas. It’s a bit like having a difficult client who doesn’t have a clue! As they are family I have to smile sweetly. If the lupins have gone, I’ll buy new plants and give them the bill 🤣🤪

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  2. I’m happy to see my lupine coming back so well too. It almost didn’t make it last year (I grew it from seed) due to an earwig infestation when it was a baby. Hopefully it’s big enough to stand up for itself this year. It had one flower last summer.
    There is really nothing like a daffodil to loudly scream, “SPRING,” is there?

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  3. I love getting on with the weeding at this time of the year. The weeds come out easily and for a few weeks you have the illusion that this year you will keep on top of it all. I love lupin foliage at this time of the year. And what could be more cheery than pots of crocuses?

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